• Bob McDill - "Apart Together", "Black Sheep", "Dixie Belle", "Everybody Needs Somebody", "Good Good Love", "Railroad Man"
  • Stan Kesler - "If I'm a Fool (for Loving You)", "Big City Lights", "The Big Buildup", "Sorry Bout That",
  • Stacy Davidson - "Fool's Paradise", "Ain't Gonna Move", "Sweet Talk", "Everybody to Their Own Kick"
  • Gene Miller - "Velvet Soul"
  • Don Nix - "Ain't About to Go Home", "Tell Somebody", "That's Too Bad Girl"
  • Eddie Bond - "Here Comes That Train", "Monkey and the Baboon"
  • Charles Chalmers - "It Hurts Me So Much", "Can't Find No Happiness", "Tell Him Tonight", "I'm Gonna Start a war"
  • Gene Chrisman - "Real George", "The Happy Hour", "White Dove"
  • Bobby Wood - "I Guess I've Got the Blues", "The Happy Hour", "Is that All There is to it"
  • William Taylor - "Invitation to Your Party", "One Minute Past Eternity", "Border Town"
  • Corey Barker - "Heaven Just Got Better", "Get Your Praise On"

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